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As a jewelry designer, I focus on whimsy and playfulness. All of the pieces you see here are one-of-kind and handmade in my studio. Some have hidden features, such as the ability to move. As an example, the Tree of Knowledge Pendant below has a snake that wiggles and branches that bend, all within a small, elegant package.

The majority of my work is made in 18K yellow gold, and I use the hand-casting process from wax models for each of the elements that make up a design. I also cut most of the gems for each piece.

The links for Puppets, Jewels, or Other Toys (on your left) will show you just a few samples of my pendants, highlighting the range of possibilities for the rings, earrings, bracelets, and brooches that I also make. If you would like further details of individual pieces, or would like to discuss other possibilities, please contact me.

Blazer with Pin

The Tree of Knowledge pendant is a spring-loaded push-puppet made in 18K yellow gold, with vitreous enamel on a malachite base. If you push the pearl at the bottom, it compresses a gold spring inside which allows the branches to bend and the snake to wiggle. $2960.

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